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Now you can erase the 04.05.04_G baseband too.
Ab sofort kann man auch die 04.05.04_G Baseband löschen.

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Dienstag, 13. Mai 2008

Downgrade Firmware 2.0 to Firmware 1.1.X

(Windows & Mac)

With this guide you can downgrade firmware 2.0 to 1.1.X.

What do you need?:

- iPhone (FW 2.0)

- iTunes

- ZiPhone3.0 (ONLY for Mac OS X guide)

- iBrickr (ONYL for Windows guide)

What i must do?

Step 1:

Start iTunes and wait until you see your iPhone in iTunes.

Step 2:

Press the On/Off-buttom and the Homebuttom until your iPhone get's off (look at the picture).

Step 3:

When your iPhone turn's off let the On/Off-buttom out and press ONLY the homebuttom (look at the picture)

(IMPORTENT: The screen of your iPhone MUST be off (black) all the time)

Step 4:

If you see this screen on iTunes (look at the picture) and your iPhone-screen still black then your iPhone is in the "restore-modus". Press "OK"

Step 5:

Step 5.1 (Windows):

Now you can restore.

Hold the "Shift"-key and press "Restore"

Step 5.2 (Mac):

Now you can restore.

Hold the "Alt"-key and press "Restore"

Step 6:

Chose now the firmware you want to downgrade.

For example firmware 1.1.4.

Step 7:

After the restore you must get this error (1015).

This is ok, that mean's only that the baseband can't be downgraded.

Press "OK"

Step 8:

Step 8.1 (Windows):

Now your iPhone is in the "recovery-mode" and we must get it out

Start ibrickr (Download-link on the top) and press "boot the phone"

Now your iPhone-screen change the backgroundcolor

If it's red, that's good, wait 1 min. and your iPhone start!

If it's green, that's not so good, but isn't a problem. Go to to step 5.1 and start again.

Step 8.2 (Mac):

Now your iPhone is in the "recovery-mode" and we must get it out

Start ZiPhone3.0 (Download-link on the top) and go to the top, press "Mode" and press "Restart in Normal Mode" (look at the picture)

If after 10 min. the iPhone stuck in "recovery-mode". Go to step 5.2 and start again.

Gratulation's your firmware is downgraded

Now you MUST downgrade your baseband. KLICK HEAR!!!

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